اهداف دوره: توانمندسازي فراگيران در ايمن سازي و رعايت اصول امنيتي برنامه هاي طراحي شده

1. Introduction
2. Top Ten Security Vulnerabilities (1)
3. Top Ten Security Vulnerabilities (2)
4. Thread Modeling
5. Code Access Security
6. Cryptography
7. ASP.Net Security
8. IIS/ SQL Server Security
9. Active Directory
10. WCF Security
11. Designing Authentication/Cryptography Mechanisms
12. Designing Authorization Mechanism
13. ISO 27001 Overview
14. Security Tools

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1-1 Introduction to Security1-2Authentication, Authorization, Auditing-Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability
2-1 SQL Injection2-2DOM,based XSS-Stored XSS-HTTP Response Splitting2-4Cross,site Request Forgery
3-1 Predictable Cookie3-2Hidden Fields3-3Executing Code with Too much Privilege3-4Mobile Code3-5Use of Weak Password3-6based System
4-1 STRIDE Approach

4-2 Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL)
5-1 CAS Basics

5-2 Writing Secure Assemblies

5-3 Controlling Access Permission
6-1 Hashing

6-2 Symmetric Algorithms

6-3 Asymmetric Algorithms
7-1 Forms Authentication/Membership/Role Management Overview

7-2 Implementing Custom Role Provider

7-3 Top Ten Security Mistakes in ASP.Net

7-4 Ajax Security
8-1 Authentication in IIS-Implementing HTTPS
9-1 Active Directory Integration

9-2 -Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM)

9-3 -Active Directory Federation Services Overview
10-1 Security Types

10-2 Using Certificates

10-3 Federated Security Overview
11-1 Implementing Single,Sign,On

11-2 Using Application Service Client Profile

11-3 Using Security Application Block
12-1 RBAC Standard

12-2 Using Authorization Manager
13-1 Basics of ISO 27001-ISO 27001 Processes Overview
14-1 Code Analysis Tools-Thread Modeling Tools

14-2 Security Test Tools

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